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Law Day - held every year on April 17 - was created by the Canadian Bar Association in 1983 to commemorate the creation of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and educate Canadians about the role of the law.
Ombudsman André Marin discussed expansion of his oversight role with Global TV's Focus Ontario.
Municipal governments, universities, school boards and hospitals - the so-called public MUSH sector - all become fair game for Ontario's ombudsman after the province announced sweeping new powers Thursday for the provincial watchdog.
Ontario's Ombudsman and children's advocate would each get new powers and a new patient ombudsman would be created for hospitals, Premier Kathleen Wynne said Thursday as she promised sweeping new accountability legislation.
He's baaack. Sort of. “Packing my bags for Sudbury,” Ontario Ombudsman Andre Marin wrote on Twitter Thursday. One year ago Greater Sudbury city council elected to hire a private closed-meeting investigator instead of continuing with Marin. Premier Kathleen Wynne Thursday introduced legislation that could give the ombudsman's office full oversight over municipalities – and not just for closed meetings, either.
Simone Laferriere couldn't believe her eyes when she opened her Hydro One bill for December. "Here's what you owe - $1,015.17," proclaimed the statement. Not just that, she had signed up for pre-authorized payment, so the giant utility automatically scooped the money right out of her bank account. She's part of a growing number of Hydro One customers who've had huge, random Hydro One bills.
Ombudsman staff "all hands on deck" to keep pace with challenge.
Hydro One is sending its 1.1 million customers a letter apologizing for sloppy billing and poor customer service.
Two of Hydro One’s top customer service executives have parted ways with the utility in the wake of ombudsman André Marin’s probe of billing practices.
Public concern over Hydro One's billing practices and customer service has generated almost 2,200 complaints to Ontario Ombudsman Andre Marin.
Displaying results 1-10 (of 357)
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