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A class action lawsuit has been launched against Hydro One claiming customers were victims of a new billing system brought in by the utility. The statement of claim, filed Wednesday in Ontario's Superior Court of Justice, alleges widespread billing problems after Hydro One introduced the new management system in May 2013.
Democracy can’t exist behind closed doors. The trust we place in elected officials to spend our money and shape our communities is immense, and must be reciprocated with a dedication to openness. Politicians who conduct business in secret meetings violate the principles of good government and create the impression that they are serving special interests. In many cases they are breaking the law, and should face tougher consequences.
City council holds its meetings in public, as it should. The principle of politicians meeting in the presence of their electors is a linchpin of democracy, permitting the public to scrutinize and make judgements about the actions and attitudes of their representatives. Along with the right to access government documents, such publicity is fundamental to good government. We take it as axiomatic that if transparency and accountability are to have practical relevance, then the business of the public must be conducted in public.
The Toronto Sun spoke with Ontario ombudsman Andre Marin about his office's new responsibility of overseeing the province's 82 school boards.
Parents in disputes with schools and school board’s now have an independent investigator ready to help — Ontario’s ombudsman.
Public elementary pupils in Ottawa should begin receiving mailed “mark summaries” of last year’s school work this week, just days before the start of a new school year.
The Ontario Ombudsman will start accepting complaints about school boards on Tuesday as a law kicks in that expands the powers of the provincial watchdog.
Ontario's Ombudsman now has expanded powers to investigate school boards, but that shouldn't be the first call if parents have a complaint.
Owen Sound city council is under the microscope after a complaint was filed with the Ontario Ombudsman's' office claiming there were improper closed door meetings held this spring.
Justice delayed is better than no justice at all. But five years after Toronto’s police force shamefully violated the rights of peaceful protesters and uninvolved bystanders during the much-lamented G20 summit, there is little satisfaction in knowing that a solitary senior officer has finally been found guilty of charges at a police disciplinary tribunal.
Displaying results 1-10 (of 435)
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