239(2)(i) Information supplied in confidence by a third party


City of Greater Sudbury

May 12, 202112 May 2021
The Ombudsman reviewed a closed session meeting held by the City of Greater Sudbury where council discussed a project proposed by a third party. Council received confidential commercial and financial information belonging to third parties. As the proposed project remained ongoing, this information could have prejudiced the parties’ competitive position and negotiations if it were disclosed. Accordingly, the Ombudsman found that this topic fit within the exception.

Municipality of St.-Charles

October 03, 201903 October 2019

The Ombudsman reviewed the in camera session of the meeting of the Committee of the Whole for the Municipality of St.-Charles, in which documents and recommendations about the municipality’s finances were discussed. The council discussed a document containing a watermark indicating that it was “supplied in confidence” to the municipality by a consultant. The Ombudsman found the document summarized and analyzed information about the municipality, and was marked “in confidence” because it was created by a third party and given to the municipality. Section 239(2)(i) is intended to protect confidential information about a third party. Therefore, the discussion of this report marked “in confidence” did not fit within the information supplied in confidence exception.