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City of Hamilton

October 04, 201904 October 2019

The Ombudsman found that the change in the start time of the City of Hamilton’s City Manager recruitment Steering Committee on February 9, 2019, did not violate the Municipal Act, 2001 or the city’s procedure by-law, as it was within the notice requirement set out in the by-law. However, the Ombudsman noted that the city failed to ensure that the new meeting start time was updated in all areas on its website.

City of Owen Sound (Downtown Improvement Area)

October 02, 201802 October 2018

The Ombudsman reviewed four meetings of the Owen Sound Downtown Improvement Area. The Ombudsman noted that notice of the meetings was provided 72 hours before each meeting, although the meetings were not held on their originally scheduled dates as noted on the website. The Ombudsman determined that the Owen Sound Downtown Improvement Area complied with the notice requirements in the Municipal Act, 2001 and its procedure by-law, although its website had provided inaccurate information about the board's meeting schedule.