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City of Pickering

September 28, 202028 September 2020
The Ombudsman received a complaint about a closed meeting held by council for the City of Pickering on August 10, 2020. Our review found that staff provided an update about ongoing negotiations with the province, the Region of Durham and the Town of Ajax related to the Durham Live development and the potential issuance of a Ministerial Zoning Order. The Ombudsman found that this discussion was permissible under section 239(2)(k) of the Municipal Act.  

Town of Moosonee

September 09, 201409 September 2014

The Ombudsman reviewed a closed meeting held by council for the Town of Moosonee to receive information from a municipal advisor from the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing. The meeting was closed under the education or training exception. During the closed session, the municipal advisor reviewed a letter from the minister and discussed the terms of a funding arrangement offered by the ministry to the municipality. The Ombudsman found that the discussion did not fit within the education or training exception because the information relayed to council was not general in nature, and related to matters that directly affected the business of the municipality.